I. Thomson

The application of different analytical extractions and soil profile sampling in exploration geochemistry

This paper deals briefly with the principles of geochemical migration in the secondary (soil, sediment) environment, a knowledge of which is essential to a correct interpretation of exploration geochemical data. Examples are given which illustrate that the principles which apply in the more easily interpreted tropical areas, also apply in the more complicated glaciated regions. Any person employing exploration geochemistry in geomorphologically complicated areas, is well advised to study data from strictly residual soil areas where the fundamentals of geochemical migration are more easily observed. From this base it is easier to understand the additional complications of geochemistry in mountainous and glaciated terrain. Of the variety of exploration geochemical techniques which can be used, this paper deals specifically with two: soil profile sampling, and different strengths of acid extraction of metal from samples. Examples from the different environments are compared and...

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