Seminar by: Barry W. Smee , Ph.D., P.Geo.

The credibility gap caused by the 1997 Bre-X deception has resulted in an increased awareness of the use of Quality Control (QC) procedures in mineral exploration programs. Regulatory agencies who monitor publicly traded companies are now requiring, or at least strongly suggesting, that all resource estimations released to the shareholders be accompanied by an outline of sampling and QC procedures used during the collection and analysis of the drilling samples.

Most financial institutions, as part of a due diligence for the funding of mining projects, now require an impartial audit of geological and analytical data, which comprises part of a feasibility study. This audit invariably includes a detailed examination of the QC procedures undertaken during the exploration phase of the project, including proof of accuracy, and the quantification of precision.

This seminar introduces the concepts of Quality Control in mineral exploration. Exploration geologists are trained in the methods needed to meet the audit requirements of regulatory and financial institutions.

This seminar is best given in conjunction with the Laboratory Audit Seminar.
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